about 11 years ago

Announcing the Winners of the MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge

This past September marked the launch of the MyPlate Fruits & Veggies Video Challenge which encouraged individuals and teams to submit inspiring and instructive videos that provide innovative, easy, and practical tips on how to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet on a budget.

Dozens of contestants demonstrated innovative ways to “make half your plate fruits and vegetables” with skits, songs, and dance; and provided a unique point of view to inspire adults and children to eat a healthier diet on a budget. Schools, community groups, and families shared insightful, practical tips to include fruits and vegetables in

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Voting ends Monday!

See who's in the lead for the Popular Choice prizes ($500 each) in the USDA's MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge:

Don't see your favorite in the top spot? Browse the Video Gallery and vote for your favorites daily until 5 p.m. EST December 12.

Thanks for supporting this challenge and spreading the word through your social networks! Keep it up!

Note: Just because a vote appears on the site does not mean it

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Vote for your favorite videos daily

The public voting period for the USDA's MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge is in full swing! Did you know that you can vote once per day per submission

Browse the Video Gallery and vote for your favorites daily until December 12. Your vote will help determine who takes home the 3 Popular Choice prizes ($500 each) under these categories:

If you've entered a video, see what place your video is in. Click on your submission, and check out the Current Standings to the right of…

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Deadline is 5 p.m. EST tomorrow!

Less than 24 hours remain in the MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge. Make sure to enter your video before 5 p.m. EST on November 15.

If you haven't started shooting yet, there's still time! The video only needs to be approximately 30-seconds long. To get started:

  1. Review the rules and requirements.
  2. Write out a script of what you'll say/show in the video. (Camera shy? Put your muppets/fruits/veggies to work!)
  3. Hit record on your camera, smartphone, or computer.

If you've submitted a video already, why not increase your odds by making another one (or two)? Prizes…

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over 11 years ago

3 days left to submit!

We're approaching the submission deadline for the MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge. If you haven't created a video yet, there's still time! Just 30 seconds of video will put you in the running for great prizes:

  • First Prize: $1500 (3 prizes)
  • Second Prize: $1000 (3 prizes)
  • Popular Choice: $500 (3 prizes)

Before you submit, please be sure your video meets these requirements:

  1. Focus on only ONE tip for adding fruits and veggies to your diet without straining your budget.
  2. Include the phrase "Make half your plate fruits and vegetables."
  3. Direct people to ChooseMyPlate.gov for more information.
  4. Everyone who…

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