Look At Your Plate

In our catchy rap we encourage kids to look at thier plate and evaluate if half the food is fruits and vegetables. In order to get kids interested in watching the video, we dressed some of the students up like broccoli, lettuce, carrots, blueberries and grapes. We used plates with sections to show the part of the plate for ftuits and vegetables. This gave another visual reminder of what should be on the plate. At the end of the chant, we speak the order of how they should think of things on their plate 9fruits, veggies, meat and grains. After the rap, we reminded the viewer to make half their plates fruit and vegetables with generic produce pictures. We also added that fresh foods are more econimical than the processed and junk food because of the value and feeling full. We ended with a visual of the Choose Your Plate logo changing colors to be one more reminder to eat colorful fruits and veggies!